Dunn’s Stats

Head to Head record: 0-0

Futures Board record: 0-0

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 145 lbs (wet)

School: Old Dominion University baby!

Hometown: Newport News, Va, but now I live in Hoboken, N.J. which apparently is great, but I’m not an early 20’s single guy, so I could care less. Oh, and Cake Boss is here. Even worse.

Reach: not too long, but I got a quick jab

40 time: My shuttle run in middle school was off the charts

Sign: Gemini

Top Movies

1. Vanilla Sky (I heart Tom Cruise)

2. Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo (Say something bad about it. I dare you.)

3. Desperado (Two words. Salma. Hayek.)

4. Any Christopher Guest comedy (though I prefer A Mighty Wind, but it’s so close why argue)

5. Saving Private Ryan (Caparzzo!!!)

Top Musical Acts

1. Bloc Party (Hear one song. Life changing.)

2. Mos Def

3. Ludacris

4. The Rolling Stones (Thanks to 104.3 NYC Classic Rock. Open my eyes to just how great they were)

5. Jay- Z

Top Teams

1. Minnesota Twins

2. Buffalo Bills

3. Indiana Pacers

4. Kentucky Basketball

5. whomever is ready to overtake the Bills and Pacers. I swear I’m ready to bolt.

( I must answer as to why I have such wide-ranging domestic sports team loves. As a young lad I was raised in Alabama and then moved to Virginia at the age of 9. The Braves by way of TBS or the Cubs/White Sox by way of WGN were my only options. Until Kirby hit that Game 6 winner. Twins for life is now the stance. The Bills were a result of my Andre Reed comparisons as a child. And the Pacers have the greatest shooter int he history of the game. ‘Nuff said. UK? Uh, I hate Laettner?

Top Athletes

1. Kirby Puckett

2. Reggie Miller

3. Torii Hunter

4. Danny Granger

5. Oil Can Boyd  (For obvious reasons. His baseball card was of no trade value, but the value he brought to smiles on my face from reading his name was unprecedented.)

Top TV Shows

1. Modern Family

2. Freaks & Geeks (Thank God for IFC!)

3. Big Bang Theory

4. Family Guy

5. Project Runwa….I mean Spike T.V.! Yeah, or something with men. Not gay men, just..oh forget it.


3 Responses

  1. It’s pretty damn funny that all three of us like Project Runway – Jay and I were just not manly enough to put it in our top 5.

  2. There something about draping and 70’s coutore that stimulates my nether region. Having put a ring on my future wife allowed me to fess up a little more than “boyfriend” Dunn might have. At this very moment though, “Boyfriend” Dunn is shaking his head in disgust.

  3. hanging my head in shame for the both of you

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