Whachu talkin’ bout, LND?

Have you ever found yourself out with friends, it’s about 3:47 a.m., you’ve got a half eaten order of chili-cheese tater tots, scrapple, bacon cheeseburger and pecan pie in front of you and a waitress named Blanche asking if you want more coffee with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth? If you love America, of course you have. Most likely, you find yourself in this situation after a very long night of drinking.

Now, do you remember what you talked about while that low grade cat meat in the chili burned your intestinal lining away? Probably not. But we can tell you, it was something really random, really pointless and — if you’re a guy — probably resulted in an epic argument. With ketchup dripping down your disgusting chin, you defended that LeBron-James-could-be-the-best-soccer-player-in-the-world-if-he-wanted-to argument like a Ph.D candidate would his doctoral thesis and with the honor of a Spartan warrior. That, friends, is the nature of Late Night Debates.

Don’t worry. We understand. We’ve been there. Perron and Jay have more than a decade of experience drinking the worst malt beverages mankind has ever invented, staying up way too late, eating food the Red Cross wouldn’t issue to starving refugees and debating the finer merits of everything from ugliest player in the history of the NBA (Popeye Jones, by the way) to which Golden Girl we would … Well then, that’s pretty much the idea behind Late Night Debates — bringing the joy of rhetorical hyperbole, verbal diarrhea and indefensible nonsense to the people. Enjoy!


One Response

  1. i think all of your head on debates need to be sponsored by a particular latenight beverage…maybe a hurricane bowl or the jooze series

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