Better crazy hair – Coco Crisp or Tony Allen?

Today’s professional sports have become very corporate.  Players are encouraged not to express their own personalities and to fall in line with the norm.  This shows itself in many areas including press conferences – where players just talk in generic coach-speek, fashion – where players all have their own personal stylist to adhere with the league dress code, and with their hair – where “high and tight” is the norm and not just another way to describe 6’8″ Britney Griner’s vagina.

That’s why it is refreshing whenever an athlete like Brian Wilson or Scotty Hopson does something a little different and crazy.  All athletes are a little bit crazy in one way or another (or in the case of Ron Artest every way humanly possible), so why not show it with your hair?  Recently two athletes did just that. So who has the better crazy hair?

Tony Allen – Memphis Grizzlies

Tony Allen is known as a guy that is a little bit crazy – a tenacious defender who is an above average athlete but mostly gets along on heart, grit and grind – which is why this t-shirt exists and this one is about to.  I am a fan of Tony Allen because his success in the NBA has been above and beyond what his talent says it should have been.  You have to respect that.  But then he went and got his hair cut like this:

Yes, that is the Memphis Grizzlies logo  etched into the back of his head.  He took inspiration from the old school styles of Dennis Rodman and Anthony Mason and went to a whole other level with it.  The detail is amazing.  The white chalk outline!  The white chalk mouth! The glitter for eyeballs!  This dude is confident enough in his manhood to wear glitter in his hair! Amazing! Exclamation point!

Coco Crisp – Oakland A’s

This is another guy that I have always been a fan of.  Lets just get the obvious out the way – knowing damn well there is a cereal called Cocoa Krispies, he willing goes by the name Coco Crisp (actual full name is Covelli Loyce Crisp).  Add that to the fact that he started his career with my Indians and stole about 30 bases in half of a season for my fantasy baseball team last year and you have one my favorite baseball players even before this amazing hair was unleashed.  For years Coco sported really long braids.  A couple of weeks ago he took them out and this was the result:

Now that is an afro.  He has to have on like a size 30 cap to contain all of that hair.  He took inspiration from Oscar Gamble’s old school fro but went even bigger. I love how retro this is and how it matches perfectly with the A’s throwback jersey.

Both of these are great, but ultimately I have to give the edge to Coco because he has worn his hair like this for several games now and Tony Allen’s hair unfortunately never saw the court.


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