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We all know the cliché.   The person that wins every office pool is always the receptionist that picked the games based on which team’s point guard has the cutest butt or the gay guy in IT that picked the games based on which teams center has the cutest butt.  Disclaimer: not all gay guys like large men. Are you tired of this happening all the time?  Are you ready for a bracket pool where the people who actually know something about college basketball have a real chance at winning?  Do you think the experts that watch all of the games are the ones that deserve to win?

Then look no further.  The LND staff are are the experts and we will crush you.

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3 Responses

  1. P – I hope you realize I have filled out the most vanilla bracket in history just to drive home the point that I think you’re wrong about this being the year of the small schools.

    All the big conference programs are going to dominate, making it even more clear that Tech should have gotten in over VCU and UAB, thereby torturing you even more for the Hokies getting snubbed…again.

    • you do realize that by picking SDSU to go to the final four you already proved my point. way back in the preseason i wasn’t calling for chaos in the tournament – but rather small conference schools making long runs.

      that aside – richmond, vcu, butler, byu, sdsu have proven me right already. it’s another year of the small school. at least one of those teams will win another game or two.

  2. Yes, Butler, VCU and, to a degree, Richmond have proven you right.

    But if you’re trying to call the MWC a “small conference,” you’re pretty blatantly ignoring all the college hoops I know you’ve been watching the past five years. The MWC isn’t a small conference in basketball or football. New Mexico, Air Force, UNLV and BYU have been ballin’ for a few years now. Air Force and New Mexico fell off a bit this year, and SDSU just picked right up, which is what happens in good conferences.

    In fact, the more I think about you trying to act like the MWC is a “small conference” to benefit your argument, the more I want to make it a late night debate because you, my dear sir, are IN-correct.

    I could say Richmond as an A-10 school doesn’t count either, which would just leave VCU and Butler…and 2 Cinderellas in the Sweet 16 isn’t really abnormal.

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