Think you know more about College Football than LND?

I know what many of you think as you read these blogs – these guys are idiots.  They think they know sports but they predicted Iowa to get to the National Championship Game and the Minnesota Twins to win it all*.  Think you can do better? Well here is your chance to prove it.  Introducing the first ever Late Night Debate College Football Bowl Pick’em Challenge.

We at LND have teamed with our partners over at ESPN** to let our 17 loyal readers see all of our bowl picks and enter your own to see if you can outsmart the three dashing young men you see at the top of this page.  As an added bonus, first place wins a ride on Cam Newton’s pony***.

Click here to enter your picks in the first annual LND CFBP’EC

* We were also 1 of the 13 people in the US to correctly predict Auburn to win the SEC and predicted within a week when Wade Phillips was going to get fired back in August, Mister Smatypants

** LND is in no way, shape, or form partners with ESPN, but it sure sounds good, right?

*** To claim prize, winner must personally obtain information on Cam Newton’s whereabouts, go to said whereabouts, then ask Newton politely if he/she can ride on Cam Newton’s pony.  LND will not be held responsible if Cam Newton says no.  Maybe you should have asked nicer.


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