Should College Athlete’s Get Paid?

College sports. Either you crave them like Charlie Sheen and “pornstars”. Or you could give a rat’s ass . The major debate exploding like Denard Robinson out of a backfield is if the athletes that play these games so mightily should be compensated for their efforts. Before I go on, allow me to preface one small fact upon continuation of this piece. The two sports I am focusing my attention towards are football and basketball. Why? Simply for the sake of argument. Cause you don’t want to go gettin’ into the big money, high stakes, cutthroat, backstabbing politics of collegiate Water Polo. Oh no you don’t! Cause folk down there! Them cats  on the po-lo side of things, they gangsta. You WILL get diced up! Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Bottom line, these are the two sports that generate the big bucks. Namely, the two that people actually care about.

Because this is solely my own opinion, I’m not basing any of this with any detailed bibliographical referenced, thought provoked,  poignant and factual data. I am simply stating my own, and some other’s, views on a very hot button topic. In all honesty your first mistake was assuming I would research. That’s why’s I gots my degree fo’. So I would never have to research again. Everything I say is glazed with truthiness. Sort of.

I hear you Cam. Do they?

How do I feel on the matter? I’ll sum it up with a snippet I read from an article debating the matter. The reporter asked, not in so many words, How did the NCAA allow John Calipari (below), who has two Final Four appearances wiped off the books for violations, get paid an outrageous income(shade under $4 mill for 8 years) to coach UK, yet they suspend an athlete like Dez Bryant for having a meal with Prime Time! Deion Fucking Sanders! I’d temporarily call off my engagement to have dinner with Mr. Must Be The Monaay.

You’re telling me that although an athlete that is a major reason for your team’s success, which will in turn generate hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in revenue for the school, is deemed unworthy of any kind of compensation? He gets a scholarship I heard people chime in. Yeah, and to that I say why are most renewable on a year to year basis.

For arguments sake, say a player has an outstanding season for a mid-major. This kid puts this team on the national map, amassing stardom themselves along the way. Their collegiate jersey is number one in sales. They’re getting interviewed by every major television outlet. Their team plays and wins a major championship game that this star is named the MVP of. When the dust clears, the school makes $5 million dollars in revenue from this team’s monumental season. Flash forward to next season. The star is now gone.  The team, which started with preseason hype, has faded out of the standings and are an afterthought. The worst part is the star athlete doesn’t get to play professionally and their nominal degree will only get him so far. They are presently “figuring things out”. I say all of this not for the star. Their situation is bad enough. No, I say this for the other players. The third best player on the team, who has no other options after coach doesn’t think they have made enough progress following their sophomore year and they’re eventually cut. Scholarship gone. In an instant, that person has a new $40,000 bill from the private school they could only afford because they could play this sport well. Not well enough, I guess. Sad.

So I ask, if “the Situation” can be paid for bringing ratings back to MTV. If McNabb can be paid to bring “credibility” back to the Dead ‘Skins. If Kim Kardashian can be paid for…Wait. What does she do again? Oh yeah, not die. If she can be paid just for being alive, then why, oh why, in the hell can’t an athlete that makes you millions, get a cut? Jeez. Am I that far out-of-bounds with this? I wasn’t a college star, but I’m not sure I’d want to be either.  Athletes have to deal with pressures and deadlines that parallel any normal high earning, high revenue profession. Why so stingy?


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