Worst NBA high-five attempt?

For some reason, in today’s NBA everyone feels the need to give a high five before and after free throw attempts.  Come on guys – it’s a free throw.  Everybody other than Shaq, Dwight Howard, and Chris Dudley can make 70+% of them.  And when you high-five the guy after he misses the free throw it kinda defeats the purpose and just makes it so that everyone is going through the motions.  The good thing about this newfangled ritual is that sometimes it goes wrong and we can make fun of a rich super-athlete and make ourselves feel a little better.  So which is the the worst of these two failed high-fives?

Kevin Love/Wesley Johnson

We could give Wes the benefit of the doubt for being a rookie, or Kevin Love the benefit of the doubt for being a white guy – but that has to be the most awkward moment to happen on a basketball court since Isiah and Magic’s pregame ritual of kissing each other.

Andrew Bogut/Andrew Bogut

At least Love had a teammate attempt to dap him up. Poor Bogut is just like the rest of us – still dreaming of one day getting to slap hands with an NBA player.

You have to give some props to Bogut for his sense of humor, so my vote for the worst high-five goes to Love/Johnson. (And also consider me officially terrified of the kind of traffic this post will get now that I have typed Love Johnson.)


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