All-time LOL!: Best category of humor pics on the web

Some people say the Internet is slowly rotting our culture, destroying our morals and eating away at the fabric of society one bukake film at a time.

Those people are right. But the Internet is also a treasure trove of hedonistic pleasures for those of us who have already given into the depravity of the web’s seedy underbelly. And, yes, the web’s seedy underbelly is actually about 90% of the whole thing, which means the Internet is actually like Nicole Richie — there’s the creepy part you can’t stop looking at and then there’s the creepy part you never want to see again. I’ll let you figure out which among Nicole Richie’s teetering bobble head and stick drawing known as a body is which.

As one might surmise from the topics du jour at LND that we enjoy partaking in the Interwebs for the steady stream of comedy that pours from the internet like Old English-scented semen and urine down a homeless man’s pants leg. That, and the sports. I would mention porn, but I assume we all know that’s a given. Saying you like the Internet for all the porn is like saying you like food when you’re hungry or you like to look at pictures of Nick Nolte when you need to be too scared to sleep for the next three weeks.

Speaking of old Nolte, he is prominently featured in our latest late night debate: Funniest category of pictures online

1. Fat people

We shouldn’t laugh at fat people. Not because they’re not funny, but because the U.S. predicts that 75% of Americans will be overweight by 2020. Seriously, they outnumber us now. Unless you’re a Senate Republican, you should not fuck with the majority.

But from the beginning of time, fat people have been such an easy target. Their bodies are literally bursting at the seams with humor, they’re too slow and lazy to really stop us from making fun of them, and our stinging words only drive them to eat more, which is probably what they want anyway.

And then there’s a whole subset of pictures on the Internet highlighting the joys of fat people using tiny things.

Thanks to the Internet, fat kid humor is no longer strictly the domain of cruel kids in middle school or plus-size legends like Chris Farley. Now one needs only Google “fat chick” and get ready for the ride of your life!

2. lolcats

You’ve mocked it, you’ve said you don’t get it, you’ve made fun of the creepy 45-year-old single guys that put up pictures from the website in their office cube. Now, I challenge you to spend five minutes on the site and not laugh.

If you just accepted my challenge, it is now at least 30 minutes later and Perron is yelling at me for driving away traffic to the best network of humor blogs in the universe. Well, other than professional athlete blogs, but that mishmash of Chad OchoCinco apologies for putting a phone sex line number on his OchoCincos cereal box and Marshawn Lynch attempts to learn English right in front of our very eyes is more unintended humor.

Suffice it to say that humor blog kingpin Ben Huh stumbled onto something with those maddeningly precious furry felines. They’ve managed to become so ubiquitous because uses for the pictures are so universal. Need to break up with your boyfriend? Got that. Need a way to break the news that you’re gay to your parents? Done.  Need a foolproof tool to show your coworkers you actually have a sense of humor? Sorry, even lolcats has its limitations.

3. Celebrity mug shots

Much like the first two categories, celebrity mug shots are so fantastic because of their diversity.

You’ve got the James Brown (RIP) and Nick Nolte “I’m so fucked up on liquor and crack right now that I think I just killed a goat with my bare hands and used its blood to style my hair” look. You’ve got the Paris Hilton “I’m too stupid to know I’m being arrested and just see a camera so I’m going to pose now” look. You’ve got the Hugh Grant “Seriously, even in real life after getting arrested for soliciting a blow job from a hooker, I can still only appear charmingly bemused” look. And then you’ve got the Michael Jackson … I don’t know what the fuck Michael Jackson’s mug shot look is, but that’s probably because MJ did not actually have a real face when that shot was taken.

The verdict

Fat people is the easy pick, lolcats is the embarrassing pick, celebrity mug shots is the cool pick. Seriously, this is as close to a hung jury as LND has ever experienced. I’m going to throw the whole post out and go with pictures of passed-out drunks. Hey, fuck you. It’s my blog and I can do what I want. Just vote and you can decide which one is best.


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