Shameful Spotlight Hoggers-Most likely repeat offender

For my introductory post I thought of debating something nice and sweet. Having been handed an invitation to join the back and forth of all heterosexual back and forth’s, this was not something to be taken lightly. It demanded literation that is absolute and concrete.  This debate had to really stick to the ribs. Something that people would almost spar over, but would laugh off as elementary in the end.

 Ask yourself, what do you love arguing over more than anything? If you answered “crack or ecstasy”, then put those down while you read this. I want you to focus. (I just made an unintentional drug reference in the first paragraph and a half. Can you guess my debate yet?) No OFFICER, I’m not debating drug use. Although best for use, or most creative device mechanisms could deem an intriguing deliberation. But you are warm. Because my topic picks on those who were dumb enough to get caught. Their offenses ranged from drugs, to a backpack of semi-automatic weapons, or in some cases, multiple baby mommas. My debate tonight begs to ask the toughest of questions:

Which celebrity/athlete will repeat their offense first?

 I will answer from least likely (1)  to the one I know has no intention of lying low (5)  hint-hint. Without further adieu..

Gilbert Arenas “the Penis”  (1) guns at work

To the one I disdainfully refer to  as Agent Asshole, oh how I loathe thee. Just because Stern muzzled you like Marcellus in Pulp Fiction doesn’t mean I can’t chide you one last time. Seriously, what kind of dickhead brings guns to the arena with the explanation of “I was trying to keep them out of my house”?! How about not having them at all. Are Eastside D.C. G’s really threatening to roll up on Gilbert Arenas in public? Doubtful. Better yet, how does he still make like 20 million a season, despite not having played anything close to a full season since ’05-’06? Nevertheless, I still can’t see him committing this idiotic crime again. His halfway house penalty was full B.S., but even assholes don’t tempt fate twice. Right?

Braylon Edwards   (2) drunk driving

The inspiration for this debate leaves little to really, debate. From his unsportsmanlike TD ball flip, to that ridiculous beard, this ball dropper should definitely know better. You would think that after Plax’s ignorance NY athlete’s would be more cautious. “Sources” are saying he wasn’t even visibly drunk. You know who else wasn’t visibly drunk? Dante Stallworth. And he killed someone driving drunk. But he only got thirty days, so maybe drinking and driving isn’t soo bad.  Except the fact that it is. Braylon knows this. Even despite his shifty right eye in the above picture suggesting otherwise.

 Lil’ Wayne & T.I.   (3) baby momma/ drug or gun arrest

I put these two in the same category because they exemplify what is wrong with platinum selling rappers. Here’s my new rule: The instant you sell 1 million records your ghetto pass is officially revoked. You are now rich and have no reason to be back trying to sell guns (Mr. Clifford Harris). And you definitely should be wearing a rubber, or at least working hard on your pull out game (Here’s looking at you Dwayne Carter). So I’m split with these two. T.I. just got busted with ecstasy and other drugs, weeks after having a number 1 movie he produced released nationwide. And Lil’ Wayne has multiple kids by multiple mommas. Once an addict always an addict right?

Delonte’ West   (4.5)    something crazy

What hasn’t he done to overshadow a rather unexpected, if not underrated pro career. From getting arrested with an abundance of assault weapons to sleeping with the star of his team’s mom, the other crazy West has done almost enough crazy ish to almost match his more musical namesake. I do feel bad because he missed all that time while battling depression, but schizo or not, hooking up with a grown man’s mom is just wrong. This kind of action parallels something crazier, so he has a tremendous upside in the insane action game. I’m just debating internally if that punch to his face in the pic came before or after LeBron phoned in last season’s final Cavs playoff game after he found out the news? Shame on you Delonte’.

Blowhan   (100)  For whatever crime she decides will bring her attention next

The picture says it all. She flicked off a judge with F.U. stenciled on her middle finger at her trial people! Enjoy her while she’s still with us. I almost coupled her with Paris, but that would have made my computer spontaneously combust.

So fans of LND, there you have it. Many other’s could have been included, but honestly these idiots deserved to be singled out. And because what we say here is always factual, just take my word for it. Look at Lohan’s picture again. LOL. See what I mean?


3 Responses

  1. I think Cromartie might have weezy f baby beat on the baby mommas……and even though he isn’t winning in the poll TI is the most likely repeater….Lohan will repeat first just because TIP will play good to beat this least for a few months. Good Thing Pacman got his stuff together or he would have ran away with this list.. i actually think his arrest per days perfessional average compared to these people, is like comparing the thrilla in manilla to 1920s midget boxing in atlantic city.

  2. I forgot about Ant Cro! Maybe because he seems to be trying and Wayne obviously could care less. Though Wayne will have residuals coming in for the rest of his life while Cro might not see big money after his playing days are over. Motivation perhaps ?

  3. I felt the need to update.
    Wyane recently got slapped with a new paternity suit.
    D West fought teammate Von Wafer in practice.
    Arenas faked an injury, seemingly to let a teammate play.
    And Lohan is so rejoiced by the idea of sobriety that she now wants to open her OWN clinic. No not Oprah OWN, like she herself will be the propieter.
    Do I grant Braylon the winner? Or do we take a wait and see approach. Yeah, I agree. We wait.

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