Ultimate Lame Mascot – The LND Finalists

We presented the lamest of the lame and the people have voted.  Without further ado, here are the winners (losers?) of the previous polls.  Vote to see who gets crowned LND’s Ultimate Lame Mascot.

The Stanford Tree – Achieving a majority of the votes in our most viewed post ever is no small feat.  With 60% of the vote in the BCS category, this was a bigger landslide victory than fellow Stanford Alum Herbert Hoover crushing Al Smith in the 1928 Presidential Election… or perhaps the more appropriate analogy is fellow Stanford alum Herbert Hoover getting crushed by FDR in the 1932 Presidential Election. Wait a sec, this is Late Night Debates – it is like including Angelina Jolie in a sexiest female category with the top six from our Most Shameful Celebrity You Would Do post.  That’s more like it.

Louisiana Lafayette’s Cayenne – Coming out on top with 47% of the vote amongst the non-BCS Division I schools is UL-Lafayette’s pink peppery thingy. What is it exactly? Why is it pink? Is that a crab claw in it’s hair? Why is it cross-eyed? No one knows the answers to any of these questions, but the LND readers have spoken and they agree on two things – it’s lame and none of them ever want to see it without clothes on ever again.  Get out of my dreams angry dragon turd – I wish I had never met you.

Evergreen State Geoduck – With 85% of the vote in the FBS, DII and DIII category, the Geoduck was strong like bull against stiff competition.  Alright, enough penis jokes.  If you take a closer look at the mascot, there is much more terribleness to be seen.  Those are some sweet basketball shorts it has on.   Is it wearing fairy wings?  I guess splurging for shoes would have put the costume over budget.  That pose looks like he is challenging the Fighting Irish leprachaun of Notre Dame.  Silly Geoduck, the leprechaun won’t fight you. Everyone knows he loves penis. Sorry, LND can only resist a good dick joke but for so long.


2 Responses

  1. The Standford tree is undisputed worst mascot of all rime.


  2. Worst or BEST mascot… you decide! GOOOOOO BUSTER!

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